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The garden is so full of colourful blooms, the trees are in their full glory as the Summer season enjoys the fruits of Spring's energies of joy, abundance and a tangible sense of flourishing. The Chalice Well Essence team were inspired to co-create an Essence in the garden that enables us to unleash and sustain our full creativity.

Thrive Essence is part of the Chalice Well Wheel of Life Essences. Thrive gives hope and patience in knowing that we have planted in fertile grounds. For when we want to express ourselves and our ideas with passion and to be reassured that abundance and beauty shall be made manifest.

We offer UK and worldwide delivery.

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Pause for a Silent Minute Gift

"There is no power on earth that can withstand the united co-operation on spiritual levels of men and women of goodwill everywhere."

Wrote Chalice Well Trust founder Wellesley Tudor Pole about The Silent Minute he created during the Second World War.

When the bell rings at midday and 3pm every day at Chalice Well, we observe a silent minute.

It inspires a moment of stillness individually, to work collectively, for the highest good. Our Pause for a Silent Minute timer is a gift of meditative reflection, filled with iron filings, redolent of the iron-rich Well water. As the filings fall onto a magnetic base, they create fascinating patterns for one minute. Each box has three inspiring quotes from WTP about the power of a collective silent minute.

We offer worldwide delivery.

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Handmade Lamplighter Lamps

Lighting a perpetual lamp has long been seen as a symbol of peace, healing and a link with beneficial spiritual forces. Wellesley Tudor Pole (WTP) was inspired to launch the Lamplighter Movement in 1964.

WTP wrote about it in The Chalice Well Messenger in 1967 “the symbol of Light is to be used to act as a unifying agent for common purpose”. As the Lamplighter movement gained popularity, supporters lit amber coloured lamps in upper rooms to shine out constantly with dedication to serve world peace and wish for understanding between all nations and peoples.

We have these beautiful Lamplighter lamps for people to place in their windows. They are elegantly handcrafted from locally sourced and the amber coloured light is lit by a halogen bulb that will last for thousands of hours.

If you would like to show a perpetual light in your window, each lamp costs £35 and come with information about the Lamplighter movement and a Dedication.

Buy a hand made Lamplight Lamp online now | £35.00

Serving you, in service to the Well

By delivering gifts from Chalice Well to you, wherever you are in the world, your purchase continues to support us in offering this beautiful sacred space to all.

Please accept our heartfelt gratitude.

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